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Food By the Glass is dedicated to those who are more than just ‘foodies.’  It is a source of information and inspiration for those of us who eat, sleep, breath and fantasize about food, wine and beer.  Whether it’s in the aisle of a supermarket, a home kitchen, a back road café or a 3-star dining room, it’s all an adventure to us.

From craft brew to fine wine, from lobster tanks to pastrami smokers, from butcher cases to farmers markets, Food By the Glass is three generations of family food freaks sharing their love, passion and adventures with like-minded addicts.  This is not about reviews – this is about the pure visceral experiences of a family who charts their history and maps their journeys one dish and one bottle at a time.  Join us.

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The Cheesecake Dilemma: Does Size Really Matter?

I'm not usually one for big-box style restaurants. They are crowded,…
August 21, 2014/by Dustin Louis Glass

Fat-Bottomed Burgers

Several nights ago, Jessica and I ate at Fat Sal's in Hollywood.…
August 21, 2014/by Dustin Louis Glass

Negotiating for a Negoçiant in Unexpected Places

If you’re really interested in great wine values, then, if…
August 18, 2014/by Steve Glass

The Back Abbey

Should you find yourself in the heart of the Pomona Valley, you’ll…
August 18, 2014/by Steve Glass

Salade Lyonnaise

It was many years ago when my wife and I arrived in Paris in…
July 21, 2014/by Steve Glass

You Never Know What You’ll Find Inside a Bottle of Wine

I suppose that what follows is something of a follow-up to a…
July 21, 2014/by Steve Glass

Fish like you won’t believe!…Phil’s Fish Market, Moss Landing, CA

My wife and I were visiting our older son and his family in Sunnyvale…
July 11, 2014/by Steve Glass

Chips Ahoy! Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips

Summer is upon us, and, as the first decent tomatoes ripen, and,…
July 11, 2014/by Steve Glass

Greek Wines – Try Something COMPLETELY Different

When, in 1959, I was a budding young archaeologist bustling around…
July 11, 2014/by Steve Glass

Four Kegs – Las Vegas, Nevada

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is still the #1 show on Food Network. …
June 20, 2014/by Greg Glass

Avocado: The Cream of the Crop

It’s almost time to start eating avocados.  Yes, avocados…
June 20, 2014/by Steve Glass

Hussongs Las Vegas

For any of you that have ventured into Baja, California, Mexico,…
June 19, 2014/by Greg Glass
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