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Fat-Bottomed Burgers

Several nights ago, Jessica and I ate at Fat Sal’s in Hollywood. For those who are unfamiliar, this chain of urban burger joints was co-founded by none other than Entourage star, Jerry Ferrara. If Turtle co-founds a restaurant, I’m there!  Now, I’ve been there at least 3 or 4 times, but I finally had the distinct pleasure […]

Sunday ‘Grub’

Firstly, I must apologize for the hiatus. We’re drawing close to the end of the school year, and things are beyond hectic. Fortunately though, I was able to spend the weekend in Hollywood with Jessica and enjoy one hell of a Sunday Brunch! Grub is a small, neighborhood breakfast spot located right below Jessica’s apartment […]

Getting “Stoned”

What is the mark of a good beer? Is it hoppiness? A balance between flavors? The ability to fill the racks of a beer pong game guilt-free? These are all relevant, but seemingly frustrating questions. And yet, us serious beer drinkers continue to punish ourselves with the search for answers, because we are ALL in […]

Power Shake!

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara last spring, I started my work as a Teach For America Corps member. It’s an organization that takes bright, college grads and trains them as educators for work in inner-city schools. More than that, it’s a movement fighting for equal access to education for ALL students in the USA. […]

Carnitas Snack Shack

The “Shack,” as I lovingly refer to it, is one of my go-to North Park eateries. It sports a simple, hipster-sheik decor, with a hole-in-the-wall ordering window, and a quaint patio dining area. The roof of The Shack is resident to a giant pig statue, beckoning its patrons for miles around. Beyond that, the focus […]