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Four Kegs – Las Vegas, Nevada

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is still the #1 show on Food Network.  As one of the original ‘restaurant visitation’ shows, it has its place in the pantheon of ‘food TV’.  Some like Guy Fieri, some don’t – but the show continues to thrive.  AND, many of the restaurants featured on the show tend to show large increases […]

Hussongs Las Vegas

For any of you that have ventured into Baja, California, Mexico, then you probably know Hussongs Cantina.  Well, now a couple of the cantina’s best customers have opened branches of the famous dive bar in both Las Vegas and Reno. While I was in Las Vegas for the Licensing Expo, my friends at SCORE International […]

Ever “Spatchcock” a Chicken?

Let’s face it – any chance I get, I love to use the word Spatchcock.  Apparently you can also say ‘spattlecock’, although it just doesn’t roll of the tongue quite as funny. To ‘spatchcock’ a chicken – or poultry of any variety – simply means to remove / cut out the back bone.  This allows […]

BBQ Pork Spare Ribs Time!

Whenever Vallarta Supermarkets has pork spare ribs on sale, I buy them.  Three reasons:  one, they are always fresh – never frozen.  Two, they will cut them in any configuration you want right there on the spot – large rack, small rack, 1/2 size ribs etc.  And three, $1.99/pound!!  End of story! Generally I do […]