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Negotiating for a Negoçiant in Unexpected Places

If you’re really interested in great wine values, then, if you haven’t already, acquaint yourself with some trustworthy negoçiants.  In case you might not have seen the term before, negoçiants are, very broadly translated, something like  wine merchants.  In practice, however, their relationship to the wines they sell under their own names is much more […]

The Back Abbey

Should you find yourself in the heart of the Pomona Valley, you’ll quickly discover that you’re in a genuinely lackluster area for restaurants.  And yet, there are dining gems to be found for those willing to seek them out, and one of the most sparkling of these, somewhat hidden away in the western sector of […]

Salade Lyonnaise

It was many years ago when my wife and I arrived in Paris in the early evening. We checked into our hotel, and, since it was too late to make formal reservations, we went out to find whatever convenient bistro we could discover … one of those casual places filled with locals and, in the […]

You Never Know What You’ll Find Inside a Bottle of Wine

I suppose that what follows is something of a follow-up to a short blog I previously submitted on the difficulties attending decisions to keep a bottle of wine for an extended period of time.  Therein I noted that whatever you think you know about wine, there is no hard data available about aging any particular […]

Chips Ahoy! Homemade Corn Tortilla Chips

Summer is upon us, and, as the first decent tomatoes ripen, and, as the first proper avocados become rich with the first full flavor of the year, visions of pico de gallo and kindred salsas beckon, along with bowls of genuinely full-bodied guacamole.  Ah … but what about the corn chips to accompany them?  Have […]

Avocado: The Cream of the Crop

It’s almost time to start eating avocados.  Yes, avocados are available from some country or hemisphere or other any time of the year, but without exception, they’re all surprisingly greenish and tasteless.  You can make a guacamole of sorts with them, I suppose, because all of those highly-flavored guacamole additives help disguise the out-of-season avocados’ […]

Maryland Crab Cakes

I’ve always been in love with crab cakes, but had never really learned how to make them.  So, several years ago, my wife and I decided to take an Elderhostel trip east to Maryland, which I’ve always considered to be more less the font of the crab cake art.  There, under the instruction and watchful […]

Claro’s Italian Markets

If you live in, say, Arcadia or even Tustin (there are six locations in all), it’s wonderful to have a Claro’s in your vicinity.  However, if you live in the culinarily desolate Pomona Valley, it’s not wonderful; it’s miraculous.  Located in Upland, in a shopping mall on the northwest corner of Mountain and Baseline, Claro’s […]