Figueroa Mountain Brewery – Buellton, California

Several years ago, our company produced a reality-build show on the DIY Network called Garage Mahal. The show, as the name clearly implies, was a garage-makeover show. Our lead builder was the owner of garage remodel shop Garage Envy in Los Angeles. But not long after we made the show, Jaime Dietenhofer and his father, all originally from Solvang, California – decided to pursue a lifelong dream and open a brewery. Jaime, a UCSB MBA and a very sharp businessman, nailed it right out of the box. Buellton was the perfect location, his timing for market demand was spot on, and his product is excellent. It’s not just wine country anymore!

Already in just two short years, Figueroa Mountain Brewery has garnered dozens of local, regional and national awards for their brews. At any given time, they have upwards of 20 beers available at the brewery, and their kegs and bottles are spreading far and wide in restaurants and bottle shops throughout the West.


Barb finishing a pint of Helles Lager overlooking the brew tanks

Their house ale, their house Hoppy Poppy IPA, their Davy Brown dark ale and their Helles Lager and house Pilsner are all daily drinker worthy. Then when you get into their more unique craft blends, watch out!

The next time you’re in wine country tasting Pinot Noir, stop by Fig Mtn when the tasting rooms close and have some great craft beer. If you’re not traveling there soon, ask your local pub for it – chance are they either carry it or are considering it. Congrats Jaime – well done!


The downstairs tasting bar at Fig Mtn Brewery. Notice the menu screens behind the bar – over 20 beers today!

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