The Neighborhood Taco Stand – continued…


The Carne Asada burrito, enchilada style with red sauce – sorry, I couldn’t wait to start eating!

When I’m visiting friends or family in my home town of Claremont, CA, I work very hard to come up with an excuse or talk people in to joining me at my favorite Mexican joint Los Jarritos.  Now, for those in the Pomona Valley, Los Jarritos is NO secret.  Born from the original El Merendero dive near the LA County Fairgrounds and right next to the NHRA drag strip, Los Jarritos is in a similarly unassuming strip mall on Garey Avenue across from a church converted from the old Garey Bowl bowling alley.  Sounds glamorous right?…just wait for the food.

Los Jarritos is simple and delicious.  And the secret to their flavors is just a few key elements:

- The sauces – whether you go traditional Rojo (red) or Verde (green), the two main sauces that cover their dishes are absolutely exquisite.

- The tortillas – the corn tortillas are always fresh, coming from a local Pomona tortilleria every day – heck, probably every few hours!

- The Carne Asada – very traditional chunks of stewing beef in a great mild spice marinade – absolutely perfect.

- The other meats – Carnitas, Machaca, Lengua, Pollo etc. etc. - all good and available in everything.


The Chile Relleno is the one sporting the Verde (green) sauce!

- The Enchilada-Style Burrito – whether you call it ‘ranchero style’, ‘wet’ or whatever, Los Jarritos sauce-covered burrito is epic!

- The Chile Relleno – My parents are experts in the relleno, and they continue to swear this is the best one on the PLANET!


A little squeeze of lemon and the Menudo is ready!

- The Menudo – if you’re into big, bold, tripey Menudo – and my father is – go on Saturday or Sunday and cure that hangover!  Or bring a pot and have them fill it and take it home.

So, wherever you are, whatever you are doing…GO!  GO to Los Jarritos and enjoy – and SAVE ME a TABLE please!


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