The Neighborhood Taco Stand

When you live in Southern California, Mexican food is basically a food group.  I don’t think a week goes by when I don’t eat some form of Mexican cuisine – either at home or out.  The great thing is, virtually every community in the area has a great local Mexican joint.  It could be a simple take-out spot, a food truck, or a fancier – liquor license/margaritas available – restaurant.  I’m going to start posting about all of my favorite Mexican places, some of which go back dozens of years in my life, while others are fairly new to me.


Casitas Tacos Burbank, CA – just a walk up counter, but oh so good!

Mexican Joint #1Casitas Tacos, Burbank, CA

Just a little walk-up counter joint in a small liquor store strip mall, Casitas Tacos does it simple and right.  Choices of meats, fresh tortillas, flame grilled, tacos and burritos.  When Barb and I get take-out there, it’s a $20 load that includes:

Four (4) carne asada tacos with extra cheese

One (1) cheese quesadilla with guacamole (that one’s for me)

Side of Frijoles and cheese / Side of chips

And, sometimes, an order of Ceballitos – grilled green onions – those are for me too – heartburn coming but worth it!

When in Burbank and in need of a good quality and good quantity Baja-style taco stand, look no further than Casitas.  More to come.

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