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Time for Rosé

It was a beautiful Easter Sunday in the 80s here in Burbank today. I could smell the BBQ grills going off throughout the neighborhood this afternoon. Imagining that every table in town was having ham, turkey, BBQ ribs, Tri-Tip, I thought to myself…what do ALL these foods have in common?

Answer: They pair perfectly with Rosé.

For the uninitiated, we’re not talking your grandma’s white zinfandel here. We’re talking Vin Gris – that beautiful light color, bone dry, fruit forward wine that is the pure definition of summer time. Personally, I usually go for my Rosé from Pinot Noir. But I’m just as happy with a Bordeaux version, or even an Italian Sangiovese Rosé. My family members are partial to Grenache Rose – but it’s just not my cup of tea. Some of our favorite Rosé producers include the Vin Gris from Ken Brown, the Pinot Rosés of Tony Soter and the Grenache Rosé from Kris Curran.

Tonight, we cracked open a very limited production 2012 Cabernet Rosé from Bella Luna in Paso Robles. As they only produced 85 cases, don’t bother looking for it. But be sure to stock up on some Rosé for the summer – and we’ll have more recommendations coming soon. If you have some favorites, make sure to tell us about them here or on Facebook.


2012 Bella Luna Cabernet Rose from Paso Robles

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