ViVido Gelato – Las Vegas, NV

When we’re hanging at the Northwest Las Vegas house – particularly on a hot summer evening – there is one place we ALWAYS go for ice cream.  In a little strip mall on the corner of Rampart and Charleston called Boca Park lies ViVido Gelato.  Now, this is no ordinary gelato parlor – this place sports over 40 flavors a night!  And not foo-foo stuff – real Italian stuff with lots of chocolate, coffee and a great traditional fruits.  This is a hard core gelato place and worth the visit.

And this is just HALF the flavors at ViVido Gelato!

And this is just HALF the flavors at ViVido Gelato!

I always taste a few before I order, and then I always seem to go back to the Espresso Caramel Fudge – damn it makes a store-bought ‘Jamoca Almond Fudge’ seem second rate.

What’s the key to great gelato?…great ingredients and lots of cream!  ViVido deals seriously in both.  This stuff is dense and decadent.

So, the next time you’re hanging in Summerlin with the ‘real housewives’, do yourself a favor and hit ViVido – so good!

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