Aging Wine – Thoughts from the Wine Collector I love the Most!

Since my parents retired and moved into a retirement community, they’ve had to store their wine collection at a professional wine storage facility.  Gone is my 1910 childhood home that had a real underground cellar.  And so, as the wine ages along with my parents, my dad sent me a few notes about aging wine…enjoy!

Aging Wine – by Steve Glass

1.  Aging wine is, at its very best, an informed guessing game, and there exists not the slightest amount of really controlled data concerning either aging per se, or the potential of the bottles you happen to be aging.

2.  If you’re in the habit of aging wines, it is far more likely that you will keep a wine too long than that you will drink it too young.

(and my favorite…)

3.  It is far better to drink a wine that is too young than to drink one that is too old, for many foods can ameliorate the effects of excessive youth, but a moribund wine is only a gloomy reminder of one’s own improvidence and of what might have been.

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