Meet the Glass Family

Meet the team that brings you Food By the Glass.

Steve Glass

Steve Glass is a retired professor of classics and classical archaeology at Pitzer College in Claremont, California. His passion for food and wine dates back to the 1960s, and he has traveled extensively throughout the world sampling and studying international cuisine. He has a large wine collection and is an expert cook and chef. He is constantly searching for that next great meal, wine, or craft beer. He attends wine tastings both large and small in California throughout the year, and visits AVAs from Temecula and Santa Barbara to Napa and Sonoma annually.

  • Greg Glass

Greg Glass

Greg is the president of BCII, a boutique reality and documentary television production company located in Los Angeles. His love of food and wine was handed down from his father, and he is also a well-trained cook. He has a particular passion for gourmet comfort food, and is known to scour the internet for that next great plate of mac n cheese. He also loves to read the Tuesday supermarket ads, and chase the carniceria sales at the regional Mexican markets.

  • Dustin Glass

Dustin Glass

Dustin is a third-generation Glass Family Foodie. A graduate of the prestigious College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara, Dustin is currently living in San Diego, teaching for City Heights Prep as part of the Teach for America program, and earning his credential at San Diego State University. A resident of the newly revived and restaurant/bar-rich Northpark district of San Diego, Dustin is a craft beer aficiando and an amateur power lifter. At home with everything from sushi to Mexican street food, Dustin is becoming quite a good home cook as well – and lists Costco as his favorite point of ingredients acquisition.