Sunday ‘Grub’

Firstly, I must apologize for the hiatus. We’re drawing close to the end of the school year, and things are beyond hectic. Fortunately though, I was able to spend the weekend in Hollywood with Jessica and enjoy one hell of a Sunday Brunch!


All my favorite cereals in one bowl!

Grub is a small, neighborhood breakfast spot located right below Jessica’s apartment at 911 Seward  St. We’d never heard of it before, but decided to give it try on account of their brunch menu listing items like, “The Big Flippin’ Carnival Pancake,” and The “Big Ass Ice Cream Sandwich.” We’re suckers for this kind of stuff.

The wait to be seated was relatively short. We got a small table on the patio, and the waiter presented us with a bowl of dried cereal. Coco Puffs, Captain Crunch, and Fruit Loops. Seriously, why is this not done more often?! It’s the breakfast joint’s equivalent to tortilla chips at a Mexican restaurant.

As a starter, we decided to order the Big Flippin’ Carnival Pancake, an “Appateaser” filled with more of the same breakfast cereal. It was thin, covered in powdered sugar, and the perfect amount of sweet. Did I mention that they stuffed cereal into it? I didn’t know it was possible for someone to cook a breakfast item using my childhood as the key ingredient.


Now THAT’s a scramble!

Jessica ordered a scramble that was filled with Grub’s signature “Crack Bacon.” We both generally prefer a more meaty flavor to our bacon, but decided that the sweetness in the “Crack Bacon” was a nice compliment to the cheesy scramble. I had the “Hooked” tuna melt on sourdough. According to their menu, this item was an LA Weekly, “Best Melt” winner. I have to admit, I’ve had better melts, but this one comes in at a close runner-up. They didn’t skimp on the melted cheese, and the tuna didn’t have that overpowering, fishy taste some melts do. I certainly did not have any leftovers to box-up!


Melt THIS!

As far as Sunday brunch goes, Grub treated us well. No brilliant, absurdist drag performances like the ones featured at Hamburger Mary’s in WeHo, or ridiculously over-sized, rosemary skewered, fried chicken like Hash House A Go Go’s. It’s not mind-blowing–it’s a simple, neighborhood brunch joint, tucked away behind the glamour of Sunset boulevard, sporting wonderfully experimental twists!

As always, keep calm and brunch on!


The BIG Diner Breakfast – a Mother’s Day blog post

Firstly, going out to eat on Mother’s Day can be challenging – many have speculated that it is one of the MOST crowded restaurant days of the year.  So, this year we took my mother-in-law out to brunch on Saturday instead.  She lives in Loma Linda, California – just outside of the town of Redlands.  As she is 90 years old and moves rather slowly, we wanted to find a good breakfast spot near her retirement home.  Thanks to some online reviews, we found the Family Homestyle Café in Loma Linda.

Like most small towns, there’s always one ‘breakfast diner’ that specializes in the classic greasy spoon breakfast – huge portions, giant pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, ham/bacon/sausage etc.  The one near my home town is called Red Hill Coffee Shop.  We all know one.  Well now I can recommend another – the Family Homestyle Café.


Ham and 3-Eggs, Home Fries, Biscuits and Gravy, Sourdough Toast – oh YEH!

Just look at the photo – big portions!  Their omelets are made with SIX (6) eggs!  Think SHARE!  And, the Latino family that runs the place also throws a few Mexican specialties on the board like Huevos Rancheros and Carne Asada omelets.  Don’t hesitate to order those!  IF you order pancakes, be forewarned – they are HUGE.

So, if you find yourself in the I.E. (that’s Inland Empire for us SoCal locals) and need a big breakfast, feel free to check out the Family Homestyle Café.  I now have another reason to happily visit my mother-in-law.

Send us your list of top Breakfast Diners where you live so we can blog about them too!